Trees which do not need a very rich soil content can be planted and easily grown in many areas. Sometimes soil is very dry, or clay like. Some trees thrive in this type of soil and they’ll be found in different areas to the trees that require a more nutrient rich soil. Fertilization is one way to get around soil content, but the care required to upkeep a tree that is planted in inadequate soil usually deters one from planting a tree that just don’t go well in the climate.

Sun and overall weather is another of the primary reasons that different trees grow in different places. Some trees can withstand a scorching sun or strong winds, and they’ll be found in areas that provide all the other elements that they need but also have a lot of sun or wind. There are other trees that simply cannot withstand the scorching sun and heat associated with some climates, or the wind. The root structure is often affected by winds and if a tree has a shallow root structure, it’ll be found in different areas. Trees that are less fragile can handle wind and sun and may be found in a variety of areas where the sun is hot and the wind blows!

Different trees are found in different places because they are unique and for them to thrive, their needs need to be met. Soil, water, and climate are the main factors why different trees always have been and always will be found in different areas.
Leaf Identification