It was trees that came along with their large root structures that began to break up the very hard crust of the earth’s surface to allow for the evolution and creation of other plant species. Without the evolution of trees, it would have been nearly impossible for other plants to make their start on the surface of the earth at all.

The first tree was an Archaeopteris, a tree that looked quite like a Christmas tree. Three hundred and seventy million years ago the Archaeopteris covered most of the earth with its first forests. As the earth changed, many plants including the Archaeopter became extinct but by that time there were many other species of plants that took over and eventually new species were created. Today scientists have identified over 100,000 different species of trees, yet some of these are in critical phases and nearing extinction.

While the land was once without trees, it is hard to imagine it that way because we are more dependent upon trees than most of us realize. Trees are a large part of our ecosystem as they help regulate the climate, distribute nutrients, and they help cleanse the air and provide oxygen. Trees also provide many animals with homes and shade from the sun, as well as fruits to eat. Without trees our lives would be vastly different than they are today, and that is why conservation is so important.

Even though trees made their way out of the ocean and onto the land relatively late in the game, they have become a huge part of the land structure. If trees were gone tomorrow we’d experience a huge upset in the ecosystem that would affect every species in every continent in the world. Trees are beautiful, but they are also necessary. Teaching future generations just how important trees are will help secure their safety and ours too.
Leaf Identification