So, leaves are the main support system for the whole life tree, other than the roots so they are very important. The fact that they are pretty is just a bonus. And, as the temperature turns the leaves will start to turn colors because their job for the season is done. They have provided the tree with all of the food and energy supplies that they have and they simply turn color as they lose the chloroplast and then they fall to the ground. The colors are quite impressive, but itís simply part of the process of the tree going dormant for the season. It seems a beautiful and fitting way for leaves to go out, in vibrant colors of red and orange before they gently fade away until the spring when the process will start all over again.

The more you learn about the leaves on trees the more interesting they will become to you. Yes, leaves are beautiful but they also have several vital roles to the health of the tree. Without leaves, there would be no trees, and without trees the world would be a vastly different place. So, enjoy the leaves while they are here, but also remember what a truly vital role that they play in the health of a tree.
Leaf Identification