To a dendrologist, a tree is not simply a simple part of nature; a tree is a very complex structure that deserves extensive examination to understand it, and all trees a little bit better. This is not a job that would be fun for everyone, but the people in the dendrology field are typically very dedicated to their work, and often travel all over the world to see new species of trees and help figure out what makes them work. Itís painstaking work, but itís worth the effort.

Dendrology is basically a science all about trees and other plants that have woody structures. It seems appropriate to have such a complicated science for a plant system that took a long time and a lot of effort to evolve into the structures that they are today. Trees have a long history, about three hundred and seventy million years in the making, so there is a lot to learn, and piece by piece the science of dendrology has put together an evolutionary pattern, one that we will likely see continue with new species come and older species die off. The tree is quite fascinating, so too is the science of dendrology if you look beyond itís complicated name and the simple appearance of a tree.

Without dendrology we might take trees for granted, and not recognize what truly remarkable structures they are. Through these sciences weíll continue to learn more so we can care for our trees and other woody plants to the best of our ability.
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