You値l be surprised how easily you値l start to pick up on the different type of barks and then how quickly you値l be able to name the type of tree you are looking at. Knowing what trees will typically grow in the area you are looking will make it even easier to take one look at the bark and know what type of tree you池e looking at.

If you understand why a tree has bark you might be able to learn the barks even more easily. A bark is on the tree to protect the cambium layer, which is delicate from cuts, it also retards against the loss of water, temperature extremes, sunlight, and it helps the tree breathe. If you know these things you値l understand why some trees have the type of bark that they do. Bark essentially protects from the elements, so this means if you go to a location that has a completely different climate than you池e from, you値l notice that the tree bark is different from where you live.

Tree identification by bark alone can be quite challenging, but as you begin to look closely at the bark and notice its texture, thickness, and overall shape you値l be able to identify most of the trees in your area. Tree identification by bark type can be done as a hobby or even for a science project because it痴 fun and educational for people of all ages. Once you look at the bark of the tree up close and personal, you値l never look at bark the same way again!
Leaf Identification